Perfect for larger restaurants, cafés & catering, prepares up to 3 quarts (3 liters) of homemade gelato,ice cream, sorbet and frozen yogurt per hour.

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Faucet for Wash

Innovation for washing, The placing of the faucet has been studied to give the possibility to wash the macchiana from its interior.


Unscrew left and is open, screw toward the right and is closed, has the characteristic of being inspectable, svitaldolo completely disassembled.


CUBE 1.5

Width: 35 cm
eight: 35/13,8 in
Depth: 35/13,8 in
Weight: 25/55,1
Refrigerant: R404a (85 grams)
Power (HZ): 440W
Voltage (W): 220 or 110
Absorbed electricity (A): 2,5
Type of gas used: R404a
Full gas capacity (G): 85

1. LID - it protects the product during preparation. The transparent lid comes equipped with a safety, that - when removed - automatically stops the paddle from churning. 2. LOCKING NUT - it is used to block and maintain the paddle in its correct position. Once unscrewed, the paddle can be removed for cleaning and maintenance. 3. PADDLE - made of stainless steel, the rotating paddle produces frozen desserts by push- ing the ingredients towards the internal wall of the mixing bowl, which is cooled by an internal compressor. 4. TIMER - a mechanical 60-minute timer that works in conjunction with a churn and chill switch to shut the unit off when a set time has elapsed. 5. CHILL SWITCH - an illuminated chill switch controls the compressor ("l" with light ON indicates the compressor is in function - ON; "O" with light OFF indicates the compressor is OFF). 6. CHURN SWITCH - an illuminated churn switch controls the rotary motor and stainless steel paddle ("l" with light ON indicates the rotary motor and paddle are in operation - ON; "O" with light OFF indicates the rotary motor and paddle are OFF).