CUBE 1,5

Our ice cream machine is the emblem of culinary craftsmanship and versatility in the kitchen. With an elegant design and extraordinary efficiency, this machine is the ideal companion for anyone who wants to create professional quality ice cream, sorbet, and granita directly at home or in a commercial environment.

Perfect for the home and small restaurants.
Prepare max 1.5 kg every 20-25 minutes.
Perfect for sorbet ice creams, yogurt ice creams and granitas.


Patented Italian design

Made in Italy

Made with sustainable materials, recyclable packaging, an energy-efficient motor and an ozone-preserving refrigerant.







We make machines with color customization options to meet the needs of our customers.
Our wide range of custom colors allows you to create machines that reflect each buyer’s style and preferences.

Perfect ice cream, as easy as pressing a button

Bring home the magic of artisanal ice cream with our machine, and every day will be a celebration of taste and happiness